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7 months and you're still trying to come up with a logo? Pick a design and get to work. If you're already working, and still just trying to come up with a logo to cover your business focus change, you're wasting valuable brand-building time by getting lost in the details that many might perceive as "playing business" instead of "doing business".

Re: this latest batch, I completely agree with PaperCutter. The vast majority of those are just logo mill clip art that are borderline "design offensive". 45 and 10 are simple, easy to read, and easy to maintain print quality control over. 17, 32, 13, 19, 21, 28, 12, 23, 16, 42, 31, 7, 20, 15, 18, 36, 34, 35 are great examples of offensive, over-"designed", hackneyed, junk.
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