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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post

No rain to speak of for three months. (heaviest rainfall = 0.20 inches)

Lawns are dormant at the very best, and soils are rock hard. Long range forecast ain't good either.

Even our Exmark stand-on is lucky to pull 1" plugs.

Do you suggest better than land grant universities? Curious. ??
wish I could send you some rain.. Here in AZ we are having more rain than they have seen in years. We even have mosguitoes, beleive that. I would wait till you get rain best to do it right and place less wear on you new unit. It would be good for weight loss bouncing up and down all day.. just kidding..
Dry ground just kills aerators, all of them. Dry ground is what we used at ryan to test for durability of the drive train because it does so much damage.
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