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Lesco 52" Hydro

First of all...Lesco.. Good? Bad? or Ugly?

2nd, what do you think about this deal?

Basically, I bought a Ferris 32" belt drive no more than a month ago and I am pretty much sick of it. Its probably a early 2000's model. Dont get me wrong, its in great shape and gives a good cut, but with my yard, its a bad choice. I situations where I need to reverse. With a belt drive, its a pain. Not to mention, manually finding gears is also a pain. I consider it a lesson learned, but a hydro is the way to go.

That said, I am looking at the above hydro. It fits my budget and appears to be decent looking. I am going to look at it this week. What should I look for? I see that one of the bars by the bottom left tire appears bent (looking from behind). Is that normal? Anyone know how these things ride on hills? Are lesco good choppers?

Love this forum and love the help you guys give me.

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