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I own one and for a reliable no thrills mower it is tough to beat, the front roller can and will hurt you with a Velkie at speed, I took mine off. It really needs a 3rd wheel up there.

They don't cut Bahia real well where I am and setting height with front spacers doesn't help when trying to go 1 to a 5 inch cut. The 19 Horse Kaw is a awesome monster never bog it down.

The best thing to do to that mower is put 20 x 10 tires and wheels on it and it will pull a Sulkie at 8 or 9 MPH and compete with a z but you better have the safety stuff working if you fall off.

I have mine setup like that and it is a monster mower capable of really mowing about anything. The big wheels give it big time drive and bite no compare to the stock wheel setup. Like I said it can hurt you like that or kill somebody else.

The hydraulics are stout! stout mower!
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