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Originally Posted by Big Dog Diablo View Post
Ridin its really not the dust that bothers me as much as the extra fuel consumption. Over the course of a mowing season that's alot of extra dollars. I been studying on my current deck and may try a few mods on it this winter. While I'm no fabricator I have a friend that can build just about anything. I wish there was a clear cut , hands down best deck out there but it's like everything else, depends on who you ask,
Ain't THAT the truth!!

I really haven't found any real fuel usage difference on my deck's using high lifts, wavy mulchers, or G6's over the last couple seasons. The fuel use is always about the same. I guess maybe the high lifts take more fuel to turn if your machine came set up for medium lifts (mine came set up for high lifts), but then again, the other blades leave the clippings under the deck slightly longer to get battered/tangled around more by the blades, so fuel use will probably be the same or close for almost any machine
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