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I got my Bradley today and set it up. I started a really tough test. I had a strange set of blades from a 61" Grasshopper deck that was given to me to scrap out. They are not flat, with an irregular shape and the corners rounded.

I started on the bench grinder taking out the bad nicks and the round corners. Once straight on the leading edge, I took them to the Bradley and set up the machine, which was tricky with this strange shaped blade. With a bucket of water at hand I started working toward a 30 degree angle and .030" edge. It took awhile, but I finished one up. I am looking forward to finishing the other two. I will use them when I use the discharge chute instead of the power vac on my 61", 725K2.

The medium lift blades for the power vac have never been sharpened before, but need it. Hopefully they are flat and will be a much easier job.

So far I am quite happy with the Bradley. It seems to be a decent machine for the money.

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