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Originally Posted by JimMac View Post
The shirt looks comes across a little on the whimsycle (sp?) side, not complaining, but the typeface looks too prim and proper..pick a more fun typeface, maybe something that mimics the grass, a typeface that is more fun. Not bashing, just a suggestion, the typeface looks too stale.
Yea that's what I was going for kinda. The way I was going about my advertising is the way I think about business's. I don't remember the guy that had the generic name and the plane Jane sign with trees in it that's just another lco to me or business owner. Something catches your attention and makes you want to read it. Then when ur name comes up in conversation, yea that's that guy that has the dude chasing grass on the shirt I see around town. I mean think about it especially those dang accident lawyers. We have one here his slogan is "one call that's all." You can go almost anywhere with 50-75 miles and they know who u r talking about.
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