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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
Prices are VERY regional. Quote a 10K lawn here for anything more than $25 and you will get laughed all the way back to your truck. We start a new 2 acre lawn we just picked up tomorrow. We are charging $60. It is a few houses down from where we already cut 7 others. Those 7 are all .5 to 1 acre and we charge them $30 to $45 (different sizes and degrees of difficulty). The reason our prices here are so low is because we are right between Baltimore and washington DC and this area is absolutely inundated with trucks full of illegals working daylight to dark for $10 or less an hour. They make there money by doing lawns in high volume. There are so many commercial crews here you could literally have a new crew cut your lawn every day of the week for an entire year maybe more. I can not travel down any road without passing at least one crew and most times 2 or 3 crews in a matter of 2 or 3 miles. So you have to figure out what the going rate in YOUR area is and base your pricing off of that.
Your area sounds a lot like mine does as far as pricing goes, although there aren't many illegals in the nicer suburbs of Columbus (actually there are, but they're all working for Brickman, etc. and don't go out on their own).

These "I won't drop my gate for less than $50" would starve to death here because nobody is getting those kinds of prices for small 1/5 acre lots. It's the internet, so people can be whoever they want to be, but I bet you'd be surprised at what people are actually charging vs. what they would like to be charging.

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