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Originally Posted by ProStreetCamaro View Post
I know right! We are in the WRONG business! Its not 400K every year. She averages from 150K up to 400K a year. The scary thing about her job is it is 100% commission. You don't sell you don't get paid. I don't even make enough each month to cover the mortgage let alone everything else.

I got a text today from her saying she won a huge deal with Gannett. Here is just one of their many stations. They have stations all over the country and also newspapers etc etc.
Wait, been in business 30 years and cant even cover your mortage?? Its because you lowball and work for pennies just because you cant sell yourself properly all you can offer is low price that is business pitch for a product business not for a service business.

Seriouslyif you have owned a business for 30+ still mow residentials gmfor dirt cheap and cant even cover a mortage your a joke and I hope no one takes you seriously.
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