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Originally Posted by JimMarshall View Post
Question re: sales tax. If I provide service on a property in Pa for a third party out of state, do I have to charge sales tax to that company? I'm assuming so, it would be just like an out of state resident coming into pa and buying mulch, etc or something from a store.....input?
I would say yes, you do need to charge sales tax. You mentioned someone coming into PA and buying stuff. That is taxable. If they buy from out of state and the merchandise is shipped, it is not taxable. But if they pick it up in PA it is taxable. I know that one for sure. It cost me a ton of money in a sales tax audit.

It is sort of like when I provide my services in Beaver county I charge 6% sales tax. When I work in Allegheny Co I charge 7%. It is where the services or materials are provided that is important.
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