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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
Are these performance long sleeve shirts designed to fit loose or tight on one's arms and torso?
I ask cuz I actually purchased one once (perhaps too small, IDK) and it felt like I was wearing a sausage casing. NOT good. Yes, I'm stocky...and I prefer loose fitting clothing as opposed to some kind of spandex-y thang.
The tight shirts are meant to be worn while wearing pads. The skin tight fit wont bunch up under pads. I used to wear them playing HS lacrosse, and they were much better than a cotton T.

I sell Under Armour at my regular job, and get it for less than 1/2 price, so that is what I wear. I have tons of the loose fitting T's and a bunch of the tight turtle necks I wear when skiing or working outside in the cold.
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