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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Talked to one of Gregg's ( post #2 ) partners today to try to figure out there experience with ultimate flora zoysia. As stated above it was not good. Rooting issues seem to be a concern. After discussing with Gregg's partner Ric today his experience and what I have seen on this turf the last couple of week, I have giving up on regular routine FL watering schedule. The turf in full sun especially seems to be in drought stress on every visit.
Rooting depth or establishment of any root system seems to be the common factor. SO my line of thought is this.....if the root system is not there...why water like it is? What good does twice weekly watering deeply do if the root system is not there? I kicked the irrigation system on for daily waterings. Lets see if the grass responds well to this treatment. I figure we have established it does not have a good root system, is being reel cut like a golf course....why not try watering it like one and see what the result is.
if sod has not put down deep roots, it does not make sense to water it only twice a week. Was that rule made by a lawn hater? If I or any other professional set irrigation for only twice a week on sod that has not grabbed the ground, we would be looking at a sod replacement at our expense and that is if we were not kicked off the property for incompetence. I set the irrigation to apply an inch of water per week on a twice a day cycle until the sod is rooted. This is based on an ET for our region of about an inch per week and no rain. Then the irrigation is reduced to once per day and finally down to 2-3 times per week. This happens gradually. Grass on almost pure sand will need to be watered 3 x per week. I can stretch it to once a week on poorly drained clay. Of course, there is no need to do this if it is raining an inch or more per week. Then again, be careful of cloudy, low light conditions. Zoysia needs both sun and water to grow. I have seen zoysia refuse to take when there is no sun and constant rain for days on end. It is also possible to over water zoysia sod as well. That happens when there is no concept of what the irrigation system is putting out vs how much the grass needs according to ET.
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