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is there a good reference book/site?

We have recently (June) acquired our business pesticide application (WV) and I have recently passed my technician license. I have a full time guy who is a commercial applicator (WV 4A), but 80% of his experience is on the herbicide/pesticide side. He does contract work for a local school system for weed application, but not fertilize.

I've signed up for an online course from Purdue University on pesticides, but from what all I've covered so far it's mainly from the technical side and not a lot about fertilizer applications, unless it's a section I haven't got to yet. From what I've been told by the state upon successful completion of the course, it counts as the 1 year understudy and I will be eligible to sit for my commercial app license.

From a business side my main goal was to be able to legally apply weed treatments to flower beds, banks, etc... For years we've had clients request for us to do so. However, I would still like to learn about the fertilizer side, just so I'm not ignorant. Right now and in the foreseeable future as a company we have no plans of getting into the large scale fertilizer applications, but still... I'd like to know.

We have a good relationship with probably the largest fertilizer application company in the area and I've approached the owner with our intentions and he knows that I'm not trying to cut in on him. He's also offered to tutor me some in the off season, but I honestly hate taking up a lot of his time. He's probably a $2.5M year fertilizer/weed/hardscape company and we are about a $355K year mowing company. For years I've referred my clients to him for treatments and he's referred his to us for mowing and maintenance and it's worked well.

So after saying all of that... I guess my question is, are there any books or websites out there that covers "general knowledge" or is the "search" feature my best friend?
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