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Originally Posted by Victorsaur View Post
This is what I use:

GStarCad does everything Autocad can but isn't a ripoff. It's made in China but it gets the job done well. As far as I was able to gather, it is the best Autocad alternative. Granted I haven't been using it for very long but I was able to make a landscape design plan with it for my first landscape design bid (which I will be giving shortly).

I just use a compass, roller measuring tool and angle measuring tool to survey the property which is somewhat time consuming but makes an accurate design plan.
There's a group of CAD alternatives called IntelliCAD. I'm guessing that's what this one is. Do a search on IntelliCAD and you'll come up with a number of vendors.

Just FYI, when I clicked on the link I got a malware alert/blocked page from my security program, so you may want to give your PC a thorough check if you downloaded anything from them.

To the OP, I have a question. What is it about the hand drawing process that is taking so long? What's a typical job that you're doing?
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