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There are a lot of contingencies here. First of all, you never mentioned if you were married, living on your own or still living with your parents. While these things should not be the sole deciding factor they should come into play when considering this opportunity. For example if you are married with kids this will be a more complex issue than if you are single and still living with your parents. Having said that here some other things to consider.
- this contract would be a major game changer for you but you need to be prepared and do your homework. If you have an opportunity to pick up 60-70k of work and you already have probably 20 k in residential
Work you are looking at a 100k business overnight. You will be hard pressed to keep your other job at this point. You will need to get things set up quickly, systems, purchases, employees, job descriptions, and goals for your new venture. This can all be done but it is a lot of work and it won't be easy, I promise that!
- if you have anyone in your market willing to mentor you or help you out, quickly, then ask for help. Getting help is the quickest way to be successful with something like this. You need to move fast, do tons of research and learn as much as possible about the commercial/HOA end of this business.

Good luck!
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