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Imo i would base your price off a specific number of cuts if all you are doing is cutting or services if you are doing more. I give people what they want and what they are paying for, that way there is no argument as to why aren't you cutting earlier or how come you won't trim those palms for free. With exception to 2 recent winters, the last 2 years weekly cutting or service started way early. Im not going to eat that bc it needs to be done sooner. If they want it, they can pay for it. There are exceptions to this depending on the customer and what exactly the property entails, but not a lot of exceptions. I have a buddy who works for VC and ALL of their contracts are specific as to exactly how many cuts will be done frequency of trimming etc. Do you think VC would just say well we will just eat 100 extra man hours cause the grass is growing quicker than usual but they aren't paying for it. HELL NO. You don't want to nickel and dime people, but def don't cut yourself short either.
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