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i would suggest a $35 minimum fee no matter what. just an idea.

i do have one for $30 but it takes me 5-10min. everything else is $40 and up.

if you are getting $225 for a 2 1/2 acre yard you are robbing them blind if they pay that much. lol

i do one that size and i get $125 for it. takes about 2 1/2 hrs to do it. edge, mow, trim, blow.

it seems you are doing the opposite of what i do but hey if you can get them to pay you that much on the bigger yards then go for it. i make more money on smaller yards. the bigger yards tend to not wanna pay as much around where i live.

i have one i do for $35 and i'm done in 30min or less. another i do for $40 that takes about the same amount of time.

i do have one i do that takes 1 1/2 hrs and they pay me $120. i think i make the most profit on that yard. some people are just willing to pay more than others. gotta get the money where you can to make up for the others that don't really wanna pay that much. have your limits though. i only go so low or i pass on the job.
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