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Originally Posted by Red Shed Landscaping View Post
We now a 2 man show for the last few weeks. During the middle of the summer I had 3-4 guys plus me working which was a big mistake. One of them was experienced but the others weren't so it was very hard to train and be productive when they couldn't figure out what to do unless I was there next to them guiding them each step. I have learned form now on to only have one inexperienced guy at a time.

I have thought about writing down things and have tried at the beginning of the year but then slowly stop doing it but I know it is very important to do and really need to concentrate better on it so I have numbers to go off of for future jobs. I do know that my overhead is right around 30% of the total business for the past several years so I need to make 40-50% from each job in order to make a profit. As far as production rates i have been just estimating on the premise that "this base prep for the patio will take half a day or a full day" depending on what is involved.

There is no such thing as a "half a day of work".

And I don't think we've ever had a base excavated, aggregate installed and compacted, and clean up executed in less than 8 hrs. Even for a small walkway.
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