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Irrigation system on a well pump

I am on a well. I have a 12 zone sprinkler system around my house. When these are installed, are they set up so the flow rate is calculated to be exactly what the well puts out, so the well isn't cycling on and off?

I've done some research, and I've read a couple things where people have said that your well pump should run continuously while your sprinklers are on. This make sense to me, because the well starting/stopping a bunch has got to be bad for it.

Some zones, it runs perfectly, and the well pump and zone work in unison so that the pump isn't cycling on and off.

However, I have a few zones where the pump will run for a minute, then shut off, then the system will lose pressure and cycle the pump back on. I can hear my pump clicking on and off about every 2 minutes. I know this can't be good for it (and it causes some water hammer as well). My system is set at 30psi low end and 50psi on the high end.

My basic question is - am I correct in assuming it should run continuously? There must be something up with the zones in question that are making it cycle. Perhaps they aren't putting out enough water?

Thanks for any tips.
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