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Originally Posted by ron mexico75 View Post
So I have lables saved to an app in my iPhone so they are always with me. I was looking at the label I saved to it last summer for Q4 plus. The reseeding timeframe is 4 weeks. That's what its always been as far as I know. That's been one of the drawbacks for me personally.

Anyways, I was on the PBI Gordon website and was looking at the label. I think I was doing that because it's easier to read than doing it on my phone. I was looking at reseeding timeframes and it says ONE (1) week! I thought to myself, what in the world is up with that? So, I called PBI Gordon and the guy confirmed that in fact it is 1 week. I said I wanted to know why it's always been 4 and now it says 1. He said he would contact the research and development department and call me back.

Do you think this is true or did somone make a mistake? None of the AI's have changed......just wondering if anyone else noticed this or just me?
What app are you using to save the labels onto your phone... I have a droid and I believe this to be a great way to always have them on me... How are you going about this? Thank you
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