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Originally Posted by vegandude View Post
20 years in now and I am trying to change the focus to doing shrubwork and gardening as in take care of everything accounts. I got it down as how to price for mowing and shrubwork but It seems like $60 an hour is really expensive to do stuff like weeding and etc. I have a few accounts right now that I do almost everything but I just don't know how to price everything. I am thinking maybe just bill for a certain number of hours extra per week or what they agree on and do what's necessary. any suggestions?
$60/hr for weeding is a lot. That's why you need to sell them on chemical control where you do a pre-m say 3x/yr and then spot spray with roundup as needed.

Gardening work like pruning and what not i don't think $60/hr is outrageous but you need to know what your doing. Billed hours works well on large properties imo. I would give a weekly price on smaller places that won't require a lot of hours.
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