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Originally Posted by Irrigation Contractor View Post
It all depends on how your well is configured to operate. Based on your comments; to me it appears the pump is setup on a pressure switch? You could have a VFD or a Cycle Stop Valve which does function like you mentioned.

Standard irrigation design practices are to have the zones running within 5-10% GPM of the pump output.

You do have the right idea, but it would help if you give us some additional details.
Yes, the pump is set up on a pressure switch. When the pressure gets to 30psi, it kicks the well pump on. When it reaches 50psi, it shuts it off. I am not familiar with VFD or a Cycle Stop Valve, but those can be installed in the well, correct?

I'm not sure what additional information you need, but see my reply above to the other poster. If you can help and have any other questions, I would be happy to supply pictures or whatever of my setup!

Thanks for your help
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