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Originally Posted by CraigPLC View Post
Standard lots around here are 80 x 125 or roughly 10,000-sq-ft. Open lawn (no fence, swing sets, trampolines, etc.), and no dog poop or kids toys, yeah, I'll do it for $30. If dog or toys, I charge $35, and if it has a fence I will charge $40. Have a small 36" gate, and it could go up again. I have some customers I charge as much as $65 for their 10,000-sq-ft lot. I even have 1, just 1, that I charge $95 because its a lake front, its one continuous slope going into steeper slopes, and I have almost killed myself cutting it.

Grass was a little wet, and once it started sliding, I couldn't muscle it or power it to safety so I had to jump off and I slid on my ass down the 30-feet 60°+ slope, with my eyeballs popping out of my head and my heart going a 100-mph.
First mistake pointing it down hill You should back it down
I would mow it with my 60'' DC
I would back down and drive up cut both ways
Once you point it down hill all the weight transfer to the front tires
Looks like you want some different tires something with more open tread
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