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The most important fertilizer application for cool-season grasses is the "Winterizer" applied in the Fall of the year... Often it is a mixture of N and K...

For our area the Winterizer should be put down before mid-Oct. so that the grass can utilize it in preparation for the Winter... There should not be residual that starts with fresh N feedings in the Spring so it is best NOT to use a slow release formula this time of year... Next Spring after the 2nd Mowing is the time to apply N again and slow-release is fine for that time of year... After the heat of Summer has past,,, hopefully by mid-August it may be safe to apply some fertilizer about that time...

There will be a lot of disagreement over this schedule becuz a tradition of Sales, sales, and sales has been put in place by the TGCL types rather than doing what is right for cool-season grasses...
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