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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
Myself personally I'm for the other Michigan, GO BLUE!! haha.
Ha ha! That field requires no fertilizer, only disinfectants and crumb rubber. Really though? Even after they took two of your coaches?

Don't get a cheap spreader. I don't know if that means UPS, a road trip, or eBay or what but you will only need to do it every 10-12 years if you get a good one.

Do you have room for a couple pallets of fertilizer somewhere? Maybe talk to a golf course superintendent in your area and see if you can piggyback on one of their deliveries. Chances are somebody is delivering fertilizer to small guys like you and me somewhere in your area - you just need to find them. Home Depot has some LESCO/JDL fertilizers. Price will probably not be as good as you can do with a turf distributor and, personally, I just don't like the idea of it professionally. If you only want 10 bags or something to get started then it may be worthwhile. TSC I am not too familiar with. I would not use any fertilizer from Scott's.
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