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Originally Posted by Chuck Norris View Post
How do they go about finding their price per sq ft???
There are a couple of ways. Some towns (not all) have a database via the county or city website that will list the size of properties (I forget where, but I believe it was under some public tax records or land value reports).

In addition, you can ask the customer if they know the size of their property. The other method is to walk the property with a walking tape measure. The formula for conversion escapes me at the moment, but has something to do with taking the North/South and East/West property lines and adding them up.
A cheat calculator.

If the property lines are not even you can always round it to the best square possible for a easy cheat. Might lose a few bucks, but its kind of a self-decision you need to make at that time.

However, in the event I misread your question and you meant how did I find out the companies pricing I took their quote from the website and its corresponding package and used a calculator. For a 5000 sq ft property they wanted 20.00... .004 x 5000 = 20.
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