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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
When you pick yourself up off the floor from stander sticker shock. Check out Gravely entry line ZTR. For 2300 its a really solid machine. You would have to seriously abuse it to wear it out on 3 lawns. I'm looking to replace my 3 gate mower with them. I can buy all 3 for the price of 1 of my Wrights.
Yea, I decided against a stander because of the price. I just cannot justify that for the small amount of lawns. I do like the smaller footprint. Ferris has a model called the Evolution which seems to be a hybrid of types, but carries a $5200 price tag.

I think I'm back to the Hustler Raptor, Toro, or Gravely. I read a post on here Hustler is coming out with a Raptor SD, which I may just wait on to see about. I have been holding out till the end of the season hoping to catch a deal.

I do have a question though on leaf pickup. How do the ZTR's handle leaves? Do they mulch them up fine enough w/ just side discharge or is a bagger still needed?

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