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Originally Posted by foreplease View Post
Ha ha! That field requires no fertilizer, only disinfectants and crumb rubber. Really though? Even after they took two of your coaches?
I never said I was from WV , but oh I had to listen to every hillbilly leprechaun during the Rich Rod era...

I do have a 30x50 metal building that we store our equipment in. It's not heated or anything, just protected from the elements...

What are your thoughts on EarthWay spreaders? I have an prime account and I can get free 2 day shipping on them.

The golf courses around here are a joke too... they have the same upkeep as those little league fields we've taken on! Until you get over to the Greenbrier, there isn't a decent golf course around. They are all Elks Lodge courses and leave a LOT to be desired.

I will start calling around. I would ask the guy who owns the other outfit, but as I said, I don't want to come across as trying to cut in on his business. I've never believed in that and he's brought a lot of high end clients our way. Honestly he's probably at the point where he'd be willing to sell off his spray business because he's into the landscape/hardscape so much now. I do know he's hired a a guy to run his two trucks and crews. He's stepped back 85% into the shop (nursery) on most days.
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