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Originally Posted by WrightCommercial View Post
Cut It Close,

Valves should be checked/adjusted every 300 hours and could be the cause of the back fire at start up.

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Wright Mfg.
Had valves adjusted. Mower still backfires at startup and now when turning off, even at idle. Mower will still run rough then sometimes run perfect. When blades are engaged it will power down and then catch up with itself, then run fine. Sometimes it will run perfect. Especially first cut of the morning. Very weird. Could it be bad coils? I've dumped almost $1000 on this mower since I bought it used this season trying to get this thing to run and cut right. I'm convinced the cut quality can not be improved but the engine I think can be. Any help would be great. I want some knowledge before I listen to the mechanic and they charge me another $2-300.
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