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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
Wondered where you went.

1) actual water supply in GPM.
2) actual water demand per zone in GPM, discription of use for ea (turf, drip etc.)
3) controller, heads, nozzles (you're getting the drift)

Post the above without guessing, somebody will help you.
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That's a lot of info that I don't have yet. I'm just trying to get a basic understanding of how this should work.

Water supply in GPM... how do I even get that? I have to install a meter on the line most likely? (which I've considered, to measure the GPM of the zones). All the zones are for turf.

I've thought about going around and checking the heads and nozzles. If I get the model numbers on these, should I be able add everything up and see if the flow is correct? Are sprinkler nozzles rated in GPM?

Also, if a sprinkler head/nozzle is damaged could this affect the entire zone?

Thanks for help.
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