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Originally Posted by MBDiagMan View Post
I've never had a dealer show any enthusiasm about trading. The best that I've seen is a local Bad Boy/Grasshopper/Gravely dealer that actively helps you sell your used equipment online. He does it in good faith and tries to get all he can for you.

This approach seems to minimize the competition that used equipment might offer toward his new inventory, and at the same time makes his customers feel better about buying his new stock.

Before this guy, it seemed that every dealer I ever tried to deal with, would simply make a really lowball offer in an effort to appear cooperative, but he really didn't want to fool with the used equipment.

My $0.02,
Retrodog just gave me top dollar trade for my Scag TT a month ago, and he turned it in 2 days. If that is who you are referring to. He takes trades as long as it is something he knows will move. As the other poster mentioned I normally would sell myself just don't have the time right now to mess with it.
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