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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
Well I can't make your decision for you, but go with your gut is all I can say. If it were me, I would be picking up the mbk23 with the 48" mulch deck. Maybe a 52" sd deck with mulch kit.
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I think the MBK 23 is what I will end up with. I already have a 42" mulch deck. Haven't considered a SD since most of my yards have some tight areas that can't have grass blown in the beds. But it would be nice to have on the big rough yards.

I may end up taking the mulch kit off the Toro GS and use it as a SD and maybe add a bagger for scalping and heavy leaves. I just can't see paying $14k for the GHS. Thanks for all the help. Will post an update when I get it.
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