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I think there are some variables. I put a set on a CASE 465 (weighs about 9K with cab) its a big, heavy machine. I put the Mclarens on 12X16.5 and on soft dirt, sand, gravel they sucked. The machine would sink in soft material, hop in gravel and sand and generally worthless. Now on hard ground they worked well, not a bad ride for what they are. They make larger sizes and I think a wider tire would have worked better on my machine. If you have a smaller, lighter machine they may work better, but generally I think that in the dirt these tires struggle. I put a set of the L-4 Hulk type tires on the machine and I am much happier, and after two years now, I still have yet to get a flat. I do put the Mclarens on when running OTT.
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