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I do not have any experience with the EarthWay spreader. It has been discussed here by other people. Seems as though it is often mentioned as one of the 4-5 worth owning.

Scary about your local golf courses. I understand about wanting to figure this out without involving the other guy. Maybe contact a couple fertilizer companies or look on their web sites for distribution info. Andersens and Lebanon would be good places to start. If you look outside known turf distributors keep an eye on SGN - you want to stay away from Ag type big granule sizes for lawns. Smaller SGNs are larger sizes, I believe. Also, you want at least some part of the material to be slow release of some type: UFLEXX, MESA, SCU, PSCU, etc. Organics, such as Milorganite! are slow release but expensive and only suitable for warm soil temperatures IMO.
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