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I haven't read every post in this thread, but I'm going to throw this out there. Where I'm at, every 3rd car has a mower behind it. But not every 3rd car knows how to use a mower properly to satisfy a customer. I've picked up 2 accounts in the 4 months I've done this part time due to the previous "LCO" not living up to their expectations. I run a solo operation and work full time at a rental company. I have a 12 accounts, a few just being mow and go and a couple I do here and there for people. I price every job individual to where it's profitable to me, satisfies the customer and ables me to spend the time to do a good job. I don't price per square foot, I don't price per tree. I price per time and adjust accordingly.

I could be way off but at this time it's profitable and I'm going with it.
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