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Originally Posted by Fawcett View Post
Rdwittmann. I wasn't trying to send you too far out of your way. If you ever come across a Red Max 8050 or 8500 compare it to your Stihl and let us know what you think. To be clear I am not flaming you-let's work together and give our friends out there some honest feedback. Enjoy the blower my friend. I love my Stihl Kombi 90 and 45trimmer. Those things rock-two thumbs up!
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I have the FS85T which is the first version of the Kombi. I think I got it in 93. I may be off by a year of two. Anyway, that thing has been a tank. I want to get the kombi110 and use the fs85 as a back-up. Only reason is, the 85 is getting pretty old.
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