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I have got 3 dodge 3500 diesel trucks and they all average about 10 mpg. One is a 12 valve one is a 24 valve and the 2012 is the 6.7L. Also had 2008 dodge - got 10-11 and a 2011 ford powerstroke that got 8-9. A ton truck pulling a load around town just isn't going to get great mileage. Not saying that 10mpg is good but I just haven't got much better with any of my 1 ton trucks when loaded. Empty on the highway though I can get 15-17 out of the Cummins. The price isn't bad if it runs good and you really can't expect much more mileage than that out of a loaded ton truck around town. If that 10mpg is not loaded then I would expect it to drop a bit once you put something behind it. May drop to as little as 6-8 if its a gas motor.
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