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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Hey there CurbAppealKS, didn't mean to call you out there bud.... Just trying to make a point and give my opinion... The fact is, Walker lovers were having this problem before the MB's were just a sparkle in Dean's eye..... Of course, throughout different parts of the country (and now the world) folks have different needs for dispersal or collection. Sure, Walker has always offered the strictly SD machine but the point is that the whole MB lineup is at a better price point right?
And BCR840...... I'm confused...... I thought you were having trouble deciding which machine to go with right? Not sure how long you have in the industry or how much Walker experience you have but I was simply trying to shed light on the fact that taking care of the clippings from the Walker hopper is not a day long process akin to climbing Mt. Everest as some on this site would have you believe. And to be perfectly honest, the guy that came to give you the demo is exactly correct by saying that you should have an MB and a GHS on your trailer at all times. But what he failed to tell you and what I am saying now is that this can be accomplished by running a GHS and keeping an SD deck on the trailer.... Sure, the MB's are awesome... I personally wish that I could have one of every Walker model there is (including the walk behind, that thing is so cute) However, putting a SD deck on the GHS takes all of 5 minutes and there is your MB right there for a fraction of the cost. But either way good luck and have fun, it's super exciting getting a new machine.....
No offense taken bud, we were both shedding light on the issue for him. Just going about it a different way. The older mtsd's are awesome machines. I thought about one, but the mb's come in at a better price point like you said so what's the need lol. Maybe one of these days I'll have a shiny new yellow mb.
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