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I don't agree with the methods of those companies. IMHO its a scam. Service Magic and Yelp are the same way. For anyone curious about Yelp, go to and learn about lawsuits. Also do a google search for "business owners against yelp". You'd be shocked what comes up.

I never understood the point of AL. I signed up and right away they wanted $$ for advertising, or mailing me lists. I paid for a list of new homeowners in my area and never got it, so I called to cancel my account. After reading more about them, it seems to be the usual "the more you pay the more you get" tactic. In the end that tends to be "We're sorry your not getting enough leads. Have you thought about changing your ad?"

The internet has changed the way people look at marketing. The hardest part is trying to sort through the crap companies.
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