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Originally Posted by Pictur Perfect Lawns View Post
First picture is what I did two years ago.

Last 3 picture was last years setup. Which work great for almost everything.
NPR flatbed with a 12' x 6' x 8' box (holds 20+ yards)
Bed mounted billygoat loader which doesn't have to be removed for unloading.
Custom built heavy duty 5' x 5' pallet inside of box with 12' chain.
52" Turf Tracer
36 Toro
13hp Billy goat push blower
3 redmax backpacks.

Occasionally we will have to use tarps but this setup has proven to be very fast and takes no additional time when we dump unless they are busy as we use a front loader to pull out the load. I will be doing something very similar this year as well.

Dumps are great if you have the money though... With this setup $1500-2000 is very doable in a day.

This set up is awesome
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