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Originally Posted by Blade Runners View Post
So how is the mulch spraying coming along Adam?
I have a tendency to drag my feet when customers aren't demanding something. I really like to know what I'm doing beforehand. Back in May I had ordered a gallon of dye from Envirocolor & the "Pinestraw color" was pretty sorry. I wasn't real enthused about pursuing the service until here lately when a 1400 bale pinestraw semi trailer came in & looked like trash. I'm rather embarassed to sell it since there's little to no color to it & the bales are chock full of sticks.
So I started shopping again for dye & ordered three 2.5 gallon jugs.
Here's the colors I chose:
Pine Straw Brown
Dark Walnut

I have two options on the table & I like both although one of them requires a whole lot more work than the other.
1.Topical sray mulch as this thread describes
2. Solution dye this junky looking straw by breaking bales that haven't already come apart (terrible straw bales all around), Sun-drying & rebaling.
Here's a pic, let me know what you think.
I have
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