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Originally Posted by starry night View Post
Jim, I wonder if your suspicion about total wattage might be valid.
I have not had any issue with the inside-the-transformer Intermatics that I have used in two years. But my systems are all LED and I have never done any projects of more than 120 watts or so.
Yah, I'm starting to notice a pattern. Like you, I've done dozens and dozens of jobs with built-in LED lamps and total wattage/amperage was fairly low and never a problem. We liked them so much we started up-selling them whenever we came across ANY lighting system - LED or not. And I've noticed that on the systems that have a lot higher total wattage/amperage, those are all of the ones we've had the exact same problem with. Namely, the lights come on every day when they are supposed to, but then instead of staying on until the time their supposed to turn off, they just turn off several hours earlier.

I've ever had jobs like that where we just replaced the timer with a brand new one and it starts out working just fine then the new one starts doing the same damm thing just a few days or weeks later.

Their website says these things are rated pretty highly. But I seriously doubt it, with the troubles we've been having.

I guess if there's no better alternative, I'll just keep using the indoor ones on smaller systems and the outdoor unit on my larger installs.
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