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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
how many lawns do u maintain?
10, plus mine. looking for a decent deal on a 36 - 48" WB so that I can take some gigs for a foreclosed property management company to increase my volume, and get my name out more. They don't like my current mower, even though the properties they have sent me so far could easily be done with my old JD tractor and my 21"
I have used this Ryobi for more than a few "post cleanup days" on Fort Bragg when I was in the Army, any one of which it saw about 8 hours of nearly continuous use each day. After I got out, it saw less use, as it was just used around my house, and then I was working as a retail manager so it saw no use while I was working 90 hour weeks. After leaving that job, I changed the plug, fuel filter and lines, and primer bulb, and it started this spring. I don't even remember cleaning the carburetor. After a few yard cleanups, and some "weed eat" only jobs, I would guess this thing has around 200 hours on it - which I understand is well past the expected life span of these things.
I got the Gravely in my signature to reduce the stress on it when going after substantially overgrown yards. 190cc moves that string on it's 22 inch arc with some authority.
TroyBilt 21"
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and other stuff I forget now!
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