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Signs In the Landscape After Install

I was considering an idea today. I was thinking it would be nice to get a little sign made - maybe 16" tall by 18" wide, something like that. Not too big. Something that said something like, "Outdoor Light System Installed by....." on it. Something very classy and elegant. Very nicely made. Then I'd illuminate the sign somehow and leave it installed in the front corner of the yard where we just did a lighting installation. Leave it there for 2 weeks. And for allowing us to do this, I'd knock off $100 or so off the customer's final bill.

My thinking was this would allow us to get more business from people walking or driving by, right after the installation was done. That's when the lighting is going to get noticed the most anyway, by the people in that neighborhood. After a few weeks, people just get used to driving by it. But at first, the lighting job stands out, just because it's new.

Anyone already do something like this? Thoughts?
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