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Originally Posted by baileylawnservice View Post
Thanks I am currently demoing a kawasaki efi, I have about 10 acres to mow today. I filled to the brim yesterday and wrote down the hours. We shall see how much it uses per hour running wide open. Do you feel like liquid cooled is necessary for longevity?
In theory, liquid cooled is supposed to provide longevity but I've seen 3800 hours on air cooled Kohlers and the rest of the machine looked completely worn out. I'm probably switching out of the machine before 2000 hours anyway. Personally, I have no interest in liquid cooled because 1. They're a lot more expensive and 2. I've always felt it was just another thing to have maintain and worry about - leaks, low levels, etc. The Kaw 29 DFI has a good reputation though, and I'm sure it'll be a great engine for you.
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