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Originally Posted by georgialawn88 View Post
I know everyone (most) determines success off of how many accounts someone has. so and so has 3000 fert and weed control accounts. so and so has 5k weed control accounts.... Why does this matter? I get the logic, the more accounts the bigger money you make. We bill 50k a month! wow hes making money. Say you take someone with 800 accounts. 2 paid off trucks and equipment working out of their garage. Do the books themselves and answer their own phone and owner runs one truck. employee runs the other. OR you take a company with 3000 accounts. Has a warehouse 6 employees all the utilities for the warehouse workman comp blah blah blah. Truck payments.... So from the outside the guy with 3k accounts looks like hes "made it" right? but has he paying all those people to work and all the warehouse payment and extra payments truck payments.... ect... but that guy running out of his garage with 800 accounts all trucks paid for very well could be making more money. plus Anyone could go get accounts. go cut the market in half with your prices. you could gain as many as you want. I get there's successful companys making bank but everyone always says the bigger the more money. I don't find this true in every situation.

the other day I rode past where someone lives he has 3600 accounts. He lives in a 130k house . Im not saying he doesn't make $$$. He probably is. he may have a house in the Bahamas for all I know BUT if you think about it what im saying could be true right?

Is bigger always better?
a higher client count makes one much more important on online forums. Its like the guy with the tallest truck on friday night in walmart's parking lot - he is obviously the coolest guy there.
If this post seems mean, it's probably because I'm drunk posting. Maybe my next one will be better...
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