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I had a good experience with AL, but the number of referrals was somewhat small. In my second year doing home inspections a guy gave me an AL review that was really favorable. AL sent me an email and, of course, wanted me to give them money for better ad placement - which I never did. I got 5, or so, referrals from them every year. The good part was that the referrals were for larger homes and there was no salesmanship needed on my part - the AL reviews did all the talking. It seems to build - one guy reviews you, then another finds you there, uses you, and gives a review. I think the key is to go out of your way for the AL referrals and it will build over time. Its like a sales pyramid. And it takes time, I guess.

You could speed the process. Pay for your current clients to join AL and give you a great referral.
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I never paid AL, though, and I never looked into the benefits of paying them.

It always was high end homes and when I asked "how'd you find me" and the answer was AL I always gave a higher price. A normal realtor referral on a 6,000 sq ft home would be 800, but for an AL referral it would be 1200. They seemed to like that they were paying more -
paying the Mercedes price -
it must be better, 'cause it costs more, mentality.

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