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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
First mistake pointing it down hill You should back it down
I would mow it with my 60'' DC
I would back down and drive up cut both ways
Once you point it down hill all the weight transfer to the front tires
Looks like you want some different tires something with more open tread
I was not, nor would I point my mower downward near a slope like that. No I just made a side pass, turned mower up hill when it popped a wheelie, the left rear tire slipped just enough that the mower still in a wheelie pivoted towards the left and when wheelie came down I was sideways, (as if I did a zero turn-but I didn't), but my front end was pointing downwards. THAT US WHERE I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED! But I panicked, I pulled back on the right hydro, pushed forward on the left to pop it up! But just went froward and slipped even further down the slope, and the more I tired to muscle it up the more it slid down. Finally I ripped the parking brake all the way up to try and stop it which is where you see the blades disengaged and the mower just slid down the slope. (The picture shows the blades were engaged then stopped) that is also the point were I jumped off.
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