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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
I wouldn't put down any sod with that little light...i would landscape it.
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That's going to be a tough sell. But I won't install grass if it's not going to last. I did drive around the development and noticed grass (st augustine) underneath similar trees that are shading his backyard. The only difference is that the more lush grass under these trees have direct sunlight both in the morning and evening. The grass in the more shaded areas around the development is thin, but still nice. There is a small area of his (already small) backyard that may actually get 2+ hours of direct sunlight. Maybe this can be nice grass and the rest landscaped. I'm still back to my question of what grass will do best in low light. At this point, I may even try to direct him to st augustine (which he hates) if that's what's best.
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