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For 250, you step in to entry level Echo and Husqvarna teritory. I'd look in to one of those before I got a saw there wasn't a history or reveiws on.
Check Craigslist for a good used saw, then put the rest of that money towards some chaps and a helmet. If you can't afford to, you can't afford not to....

It may not be a Stihl or Husq saw, But I've got a ton of use from one of the cheapest Poulan saws there is. It was like 140 bucks. So I took it straight home opened the muffler holes to about double the stock opening, put a larger mesh screen for the spark aresstor and adjusted the carb.A LOT. About a whole turn out on the high and a 1/4 on the low. The 3 tiny holes on the cover of the air box got to meet some tin snips. They are probably 150% larger now. Then swapped the dust maker chain aaside and put an oregon chain may dealer recomended on it. Pre- mod, this thing sucked hard.
Starting cold on the second pull and first if its warm, while not bogging down under throttle like it was out of the box seems like it is pretty good for the time and money invested. Probably has about 80 hours of use over the years and has held up well
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